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Jessica Jones

Krav Maga Instructor

Jessica Jones is the driving force behind Amazonia Krav Maga, a school of self-protection, situated in the heart of Manchester, UK.

Her journey into the realm of self-defence began in 2016, embracing Krav Maga as her discipline of choice. By February 2021, she had become a qualified instructor enabling her to start Amazonia in July 2021.

Jessica's insatiable quest for mastery led her on a transformative journey to Israel to learn advanced skills.

Mentored by seasoned professionals in the field such as Maurice Teague, Richard Dimitri, Amit Himelstien, Dr. Tammy Yard McCracken, Ron Rotem, Tommy Joe Moore and Mary Smith, Jessica has a reservoir of knowledge that underpins Amazonia's educational endeavours.

Aligned in purpose, Jessica and Clare Bennett, her partner at Amazonia, joined the Tactical Research and Development Group in August 2022.

Balancing her instructional responsibilities at Amazonia with the organisation of national and international seminars, Jessica exemplifies the ethos that defines their mission:

"Sometimes a teacher, Always a student."

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