Tactical Research & Development Group

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Self-Defence for:

Martial Arts Instructors
Security Professionals
Emergency Services

Do you feel anxious or scared that you could be involved in a violent attack?

Does your Martial Arts knowledge lack an understanding of how to avoid, evade and de-escalate confrontational situations?

As a member of the Police Force, does the reduction in staffing give you concern for your personal safety?

TRDG are able to offer a variety of services (group and 1-2-1) to support your needs, from ½ day to full 10 day programmes / seminars.

Detailed Courses

Qualified Instructors
1-1 Tutorials
Group Tutorials

Our Vision

To create a comprehensive self-defence blueprint for Martial Art Instructors, Security Professionals and Emergency Services.


How TACTICS beat Skill
Edged weapons defence
First rule of self defence
...and more

Unlock your potential and acquire the essential self-protection skills you need.

Join Tactical Research and Development Group and take the first step toward personal safety and empowerment.

Contact us today to learn more about our courses and how we can help.


Training courses are held across the UK by qualified instructors.


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