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At Tactical Research and Development Group, we offer a diverse range of self-protection courses designed to meet the unique needs of various professions.

Whether you're a Martial Arts Professional, Security Professional or in Emergency Services our expert instructors will enhance your self-defence capabilities. We will equip you and your organisation with the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to meet the evolving challenges of the modern world.

All training courses cover these basic skills





Professional Courses

Professional Courses

Lone/Isolated Worker:

Providing essential self-protection training for individuals working in isolated environments.

Frontline Worker - First Responders:

Equipping first responders with specialised skills to handle conflict and violence in high-pressure situations.

Martial Arts Instructors:

Enhancing the skill set of martial arts instructors with self-protection techniques and strategies.

Law Enforcement - Patrol/Specialist:

Comprehensive training for law enforcement officers, including entry teams and firearms training.


From static level 1 to Close Protection Level 3, our courses cater to the diverse needs of security professionals, including mobile retail, door supervisors and cash and valuables in transit.


Tailored training programs for both regular military personnel (Green) and special forces (Black SF).


Would you like to be a part of the leading SELF DEFENCE / SELF PROTECTION group in the UK?

Sign up for our next training weekends:

Spring Camp

2nd / 3rd March 2024
(Saturday 11am – 5pm / Sunday 10am – 4pm)

Summer Camp

29th / 30th June 2024
(Saturday 11am – 5pm / Sunday 10am – 4pm)

Autumn Camp

14th / 15th September 2024
(Saturday 11am – 5pm / Sunday 10am – 4pm)

Winter Camp

7th / 8th December 2024
(Saturday 11am – 5pm / Sunday 10am – 4pm)

AG's Martial Arts Centre
Tailby House
Bath Road
NN16 8NL

£80 (Early Bird – a month in advance)

Or £100 (Full Price)

Contact Mo Teague on 0797 684 1935
Or by email: info@trdg.co.uk

Two days of "cutting edge" training with world class instructors, suitable for ALL levels and abilities. Only requirements – have an open, questioning mind and good work ethic.

The Tactical Research and Development Group seeks to identify the key knowledge and skills of effective Self Defence / Self Protection through research, experimentation, honest discussion and pressure testing without bias or prejudice to any one particular style or system.

We know that … martial arts are NOT the answer to aggression and violence - the threat is everywhere, all the time 24/7 - YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES are potential targets of violent criminals, sociopaths and psychopaths.

Subjects Covered

  • The psychology and mechanics of aggression and violence.
  • The knowledge and skill sets necessary to defend and counter an assault.
  • How to train those skill sets.
  • Terrorist / active shooter scenarios.
  • Weapon familiarisation and defence (firearms, edged and impact weapons).
  • Tactics … and much more.

Ultimately, it's up to YOU!
You are responsible for your own safety and welfare and of those who rely on you, and remember … "NO ONE'S COMING TO HELP".

Unlock your potential and acquire the essential self-protection skills you need.

Join Tactical Research and Development Group and take the first step toward personal safety and empowerment.

Contact us today to learn more about our courses and how we can help.


Training courses are held across the UK by qualified instructors.


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