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Clare Bennett

Krav Maga Instructor

Clare Bennett is an integral part of Amazonia Krav Maga - School of Self Protection, based in Manchester, UK. Clare's journey began in 2016, leading her to become a certified Krav Maga instructor in February 2021 which led to the launch of Amazonia Krav Maga in July 2021 with Jessica Jones.

Amazonia offers mixed and ladies-only classes and conducts seminars in local schools, colleges and corporate settings.

Clare met Mo at an Amit Himelstein Seminar in Telford in October 2021 which soon marked Clare's entry into the TRDG.

For two years, Clare has contributed to the Kaizen community and been involved in the Festival Of Martial Arts and featured in podcasts, focusing on female instructors. Her journey will be captured in an upcoming book project and a martial arts online magazine.

Guided by seasoned self-protection experts, Clare embodies Amazonia's ethos:

"Sometimes a teacher, Always a student."

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